September Vegan Food Swap


I participated in my second Vegan Food Swap last month and was super excited for all the new things to try. If you are not familiar with the Vegan Food Swap be sure to visit to get more information.  October will be the last one for the month as Cat is taking a few months off for the Holidays.  

My Vegan Food Swap came from Shannon at this month.  I love that she helped satisfy my sweet tooth but also provided some raw treats to enjoy. There was not one thing in my swap that I had ever tried before and I loved that. 



If I had to pick one thing that was my ABSOLUTE favorite it would be the maccaroonsImage

One particular item that I liked less than the others were the sprouties but they were still not bad.  Image

The chocolate bars were nothing I expected them to be.  I shared the one with Sea Salt with my kids and they loved it.  It took me a bite or two to get used to the taste but once I did there was no more sharing 🙂



Thank you Shannon-I will be out searching for a few of these items to add to my snack drawer at work. 


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