Hot Yoga


Back in the December I purchased a Groupon for Hot Yoga.  I had always wanted to try yoga so I thought what better time than to try it out (10 classes for $20).  It was not until early spring that I actually got around to using it.


Not really knowing what to expect I walked into class with my yoga mat and proceeded to sweat my A** off.  When I say I sweat my A** off I do not just mean little beads of sweat or a damp sports bra.  I mean slipping on the mat sweat , pouring off my face like a water faucet sweat, burning and stinging my eyes causing blindness sweat, sopping wet sports bra sweat.  I think you get the picture.


I remember telling myself “normal people do not do this”, and that is when I remembered I am not normal.  I am now hooked on Yoga and try to go at least once a week and as NASTY as I feel when I leave it does not compare to how great I feel inside.



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