August Vegan Food Swap Reveal


This month I participated in my first ever Vegan Food Swap. The best way I can describe it is like a pen pal for Vegans except each month you get a new pen pal. You get matched up with your “pen pal” and set out to find some goodies to send out. You will will also get matched up with someone to receive a box of goodies. I think it’s kind of cool and after participating and receiving my goodies, I know its cool. Go ahead and check it out Giving is just as much fun as receiving.

This month my match was Sage after checking out her blog I was pretty excited to see what kind of things I would receive. TBeing that this was my first swap I was NOT disappointed. I also live in a pretty rural area so finding Vegan goodies can be a little difficult. I had my items shipped to my office and boy was I glad I did that. The day the goodies arrived was a stressful day to say the least so receiving these snacks was just what the Dr. ordered and everyone in the office kept coming into my office very curious about what everything was.

One of my absolute favorite items are Chia seeds. I honestly eat these every single morning with dry oats, almonds, a banana and almond or rice milk. I was very excited to get more of these and see that they are carried at Trader Joes as I have been ordering them online.

The next item I couldn’t wait to tear into was the green beans. I nearly ate the entire bag the first day that I received them. What an awesome little snack. I knew my kids would enjoy these but unfortunately they didn’t last long enough for me to share them with them.

I have purchased Justin’s treats before for my kids but have never personally tried anything from them. Saturday I was having an extremely busy day and was running around like crazy trying to prepare my girls for the upcoming school year and found myself STARVING! When I got home I wanted something quick and easy to eat and tried out my peanut butter with a banana. It was really good. It was a little grainy and I am not sure if this is normal or if maybe I needed to knead the package but I would definitely have this again.

I have not tried this yet but will. I think I will add it to some tofu and make some type of yummy nachos.

These almost made me stop and buy a dehydrator. I have been contemplating buying one anyway and these are just the icing on the cake. SO SO SO SO GOOD! I will be making a trip to Trader Joe’s to pick some more of these up.

I LOVED all of the little snacks. I wish I could say that I had some of this left. I love Archer Farms brand and plan to check and see if my Target carries this particular snack.

This was probably my most favorite item in the box. It was another extremely busy day for me on Sunday and I was again out without any type of food to hold me over. I walked fell in the door from exhaustion and starvation. OK, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I was HUNGRY. I remembered I had this little treat waiting for me and planned on savoring it but honestly I do not remember one thing about the bar other than it was GOOD. I had read multiple postings about these bars and will be picking some up in the future to keep in my purse or car so I do not pass out (again a flare for the dramatics) while out running errands.

So there you have it! Anyone hungry? I am!! Thank you Sage! Everything was amazing! Can’t wait to see who I am matched up with September.


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