Butternut Squash and Chickpea Patties with Grape-Avocado Salsa


So last week I decided to try a new recipe.  When I decided to change my diet earlier this year one of the first blog’s I came across was Cara’s Cravings. I never actually tried anything, quite frankly because I was terrified of the ingredients that some of the recipes called for.  After having a little bit more experience and walking up and down the aisles of Whole Foods I decided to venture back to try out some recipes.

Which brings me to Butternut Squash and Chickpea Patties with Grape-Avocado Salsa.  

I had a ton of fun with this recipe and results did not disappoint.  

Next time I make this recipe I would cut the grapes a little smaller.  The recipe calls to cut them in half and I either had some ginormous grapes or they were really just supposed to be that big.  For me personally I would dice them to give it a more salsa like appeal.

Moving onto the Butternut Squash and Chickpea Patties.  These were absolutely delicious!!  Again, I am learning as I go on this journey and each recipe is trial and error.  The recipe calls for the squash to be peeled.  I baked the squash first and then tried to peel it which proved to be a challenge since the squash was soft and mushy.  The end product was still delicious but getting it finished was more difficult than what it needed to be.

I wish I could say I had a picture of the finished product…………..but another lesson learned with blogging………charge the camera.  Head over to Cara’s Cravings to see the finished product and all her other cool recipes.


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