Skydiving -2011


The #1 item on my bucket list was to go sky diving.  Never in my life did I actually think that I would have been able to make this dream become a reality.  Especially when I was carrying around an extra 80lbs due to the weight limits for this “adventure”.  Well in August of 2011 I was able to cross this item off my bucket list.

My flight time was not until around 1pm in the afternoon but I had to get to the drop zone early to fill out all kinds of waivers and watch an ancient video about the risks of skydiving.  I assume anyone who decides to venture into this extremely dangerous sport already knows the risk they are taking but this all for liability purposes so………

There was a lot of sitting and waiting and at first I was extremely annoyed and realizing I may be having second thoughts about crossing this off my bucket list.  I think the excitement, nerves, and anticipation almost got the best of me.  I also think that there is a reason they have you arrive so early prior to your jump time and it’s not only to watch the goofy video.  As I was sitting there I watched groups go up and come back down, up and down, up and down, and as I watched these people go up and down my nerves also went down and the closer it came time for my jump I was almost ready. Well sort of.

It was now or never and this was something I had waited my entire adult life to do and I chose now.  Going in the plane was a bit scary.  After all it was a tiny plane that had been running all day and what if this time was the time it decided it didn’t want to work.  There were also storms rolling in and winds were picking up and it appeared that they were going to have to shut everything down due to safety reasons.  All I kept thinking was “I have gotten this far, I have to do this, I have to do this.”

I did it. I remember exactly what I was thinking as my feet were dangling over the side of an airplane in the air.  It went something like “Oh Holy S**T.”  I was really doing this and at this point there wasn’t much I could do if I decided I wanted to back out.

As soon as we jumped I closed my eyes.  It took me a split second to realize that I may never be able to picture this again and that I needed to open my eyes and take it all in.  As soon as I did everything hit me all at once.  It was SO LOUD during those moments of free fall and VERY COLD but the adrenaline rush was  something I had and haven’t since experienced before.

It was so beautiful and peaceful aside from me screaming and giving thumbs up to my camera guy and screaming “THIS IS AWESOME”

I’m not sure exactly how long we were free-falling.  I remember in the moment it felt like forever but in reality I am sure it was not as long as it seemed.

After the chute was pulled it was really quiet.  We were just floating and gliding and looking at the earth below us.  I was having some really strong emotions going on that point but managed to suck them in (especially with some guy strapped to my back that I had just met 20 minutes earlier) The overall experience only lasted a few minutes but the memories will last forever.


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