Vegan Bean Burgers


I am working through trying to get some recipes that can be used as your everyday standby meal.  Working full time, shuffling kids here and there, and trying to fit in workouts does not leave much room for preparing meals.  One thing I have learned over the past few years when it comes to diet is that you need to plan ahead.  So as I have started this journey I have done a ton of research searching for some recipes that are quick and easy yet healthy and will past the test of my youngest daughter who is my toughest critic. I am sure this has nothing to do with my epic fail at my first attempt in making tofu.

During my research I stumbled upon a blog called Daily Garnish by Emily Malone and found the Vegan Bean Burgers.  They looked easy enough and I had all of the ingredients needed to make them so I decided to give them a go and see if they past the test.

The recipes calls for Pepita (pumpkin) seeds but I only had flax seeds.  I opted to throw these in and see how it turned out.  

Once I had all my ingredients prepped and ready to go I opted to use the food processor instead of the Vitamix.  To be honest I am still a little scared of it and all it POWER.  My husband laughs at me whenever I go to use it because of the fear  he sees in my eyes.  I am sure I will grow to love it but right now I’ll stick with what I know.

Once all the ingredients are added to the food processor its time to mix them all together to form a really ugly grayish/brown looking paste.   Although the mixture does not look very appealing the finished product is wonderful.

The trick to this whole recipe is forming this mixture into patties.  As the recipe calls for, I highly recommend getting your hands a little damp.  This prevents the mixture from sticking to your hands.  You may need to do this a few times during the process.

Now all that is left to do is pop these into the oven and let them bake.  They will be dry and a little crispy on the outside but do not let this fool you.  They are my new favorite burger. I dress them up with a little bit of fun to make them just right.

Once everything is ready to be assembled-You are ready to enjoy a delicious Vegan Bean Burger.  The “little bit of fun” toppings are entirely up to you.  The only thing I honestly think my burger was missing was a bit of tomato.  “Oh Well” just gives me another reason to make them again.  Enjoy!


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