Running Continued………


As if running the 10K in October was not enough……………I signed up for the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon in Las Vegas in December of 2011.  Having survived the 10K the next logical step seemed to be a 1/2 Marathon or so I thought.

I laced up my running shoes, hopped on my treadmill, and started training.  To say my training was ideal is a joke to say the least.  There were so many interruptions some that couldn’t be helped and some that were due to my own procrastinations and fears.  In my head I had it all planned out.  I was going to run a 5K then walk a

mile, run a 5k, walk a mile, and continue on this pattern until I finished.  Ohhhhh……if it could have been so easy, but let’s skip to the fun stuff first.

My best friend did some researching of things to do while we were out in Las Vegas and signed me up for a few adventures I had never dreamed of doing. We attended the Health and Fitness Expo the first day we arrived in Las Vegas.

That night we participated in the the Stiletto Dash. Yes, I said the Stiletto dash.


This was a 50-yard sprint through the Palazzo Hotel.  The rules were that the heels had to be at least 3inches tall (mine were 6) and could not be wedges, taped, or tied to your foot.


I honestly thought “I am going to break my leg before I even have a chance to run the 1/2 Marathon.  The prize was $5,000-I didn’t win the prize money but I also did not fall or break my shoes.  I was happy and had such a great time doing this event.


We attended the after party which was not much of an after party at all.  We were a little let down by this but we weren’t going to let it bring us down.  We ended up meeting some of the people in charge of the entire Rock N Roll event weekend that told us to stop by the VIP tent the next night before the race to be treated to some real VIP treatment.  We left that evening thinking “ok, yeah right, like they really are going to get us into VIP.

We headed out to the race the next evening into the FREEZING Las Vegas night air.  You would think being from Michigan I would be used to the cooler temps but I was not.


Thank GOODNESS for the VIP Bracelets we had waiting for us at the VIP Tent that had warming lanterns and hot coffee and all sorts of pre race necessities (including nice clean porta potties).  They really were able to get us in.  This is what we had waiting for us at the gate.


The strip was starting to get filled with runners and spectators and as the crowds grew the anticipation and anxiety grew within me.  I was asking myself what in the world did I get myself into.  The good thing was that I had someone standing right next to me who was asking herself the same exact questions.  At this point we knew there was no backing out and we would just do what we came there to do.


So, do you remember my plan of running and walking and running and walking?  Well it didn’t quite workout that way. During the first mile all the VIP refreshments kicked in and it was off to find a restroom along the course.  I am thinking that I was not the only one that indulged in the pre-race refreshments as the line for the “not so clean” porta potties was long.  It honestly took about 20 minutes to use the restroom.  I was able to watch the whole Bellagio Fountain show while waiting (not the smartest thing to do when you have to pee).  But I was off again and first mile down.  Along the way there were spectators and signs and lights and music and it was awesome.  After the first 3 miles I switched to a walk ( a very fast walk) but a walk nonetheless.  As much as I tried to run the whole race my body knew there was no way that was going to happen.


There was a serious lack of water stations along the way and so many other issues that I could get into (which were all made very public last December) but I would like to focus on the positives of the events and not the negatives.  I ended up crossing the finish line with the following results

  • 5 Km-52:45 (stupid bathroom break)
  • 10 Km-1:40
  • 10 Mi-2:40
  • 13.1Mi-3:31

I honestly would like to think that if I hadn’t stopped for the bathroom my time would have been much better.  There are no pictures of me crossing the finish line because I could barely stand after finishing the race and getting back to the hotel proved to be almost a bigger challenge than running the race itself.  Once back to my room I ordered the most expensive room service, a ginormous hamburger (this was prior to me going vegan) and a beer.  To be honest the best thing on that room service cart was the beer.  It was now time to take myself to bed (barely able to move) and prepare for the next days adventure of rock climbing.  YES…..I said Rock Climbing.  The day after running a 1/2 Marathon I went Rock Climbing for the first time I might add.


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