2011 Adventures-Running


I am going to do a little backtracking for a moment to share some of the amazing adventures I had in 2011.  I am really not sure if anything could possibly top 2011, but what matters is that I was able to have these adventures at all.  Back when I had decided I wanted to lose weight I was toying with the idea of running. For anyone who knew me at all knew I absolutely despised running, but something in me wanted to challenge myself to do this.  One would think after spending 4 years in the Army that I would have ran enough to last a lifetime.  Honestly, looking back on it all I did not have the confidence to actually push myself to run like I could have during that time so I just did what I needed to do to get by.  Funny how those little moments of “if I had it to do all over again” can creep up in one’s life.  I knew running was not going to be easy.  I had so many more responsibilities than what I did 10 years ago and not to mention I was 10 Years Older but I knew I wanted to at least try.  So in July 2011 I started running and training using the Couch to 5K App on my phone. http://www.bluefinapps.com/#ourapps   When I first started I thought there is no way I am going to be able to run for five minutes let alone a 5K but each week it got easier and I was able to run “harder, faster, stronger”.  My first race was in August and I only did a 1 mile race but right then and there I was bitten by the bug.


In September 2011 I did my first 5K.  My race time was 35:29.  Now I know that may not be the fastest time but I am incredibly happy with those results.

Image Looking back I think I was really consumed by the number and wish I would have done more but now I think it’s pretty cool and I do not dwell on the number but more so on the fact that I went out there and did it.  My daughter loves to “race”.  I say race because she is extremely competitive but does not like to train.  Luckily for her she is a natural runner.  She also ran this race with me and I remember seeing her WAY——ahead of me at point during the race and feeling nothing but pride and pure happiness that this was something we were able to share.


The running bug kept biting and I ran another 5K in October with my daughter.  This time was more for fun and it was a night run through downtown, around the lake, through the cemetery.  You can not pick any better course for a Halloween run.  We also got to dress up in costume.


My time was not as good as my first race (36:24) but the course was a little tougher and I was really out to just have a good time. My dad was in from out of town and it was nice to have him there to be involved and witness some of my interests as an adult.


The fun did not stop there.  In October I also did my first 10K.  I had been training with my best friend since July and we were both very gung ho about racing.  Honestly, I was not physically or mentally ready for the 10K but I thought “this is your chance to prove to yourself you can do this”.  So I did it.


It was SUPER cold this morning and I really had a mental block going but I just wanted to finish.  The first mile was a piece of cake.  I thought “wow” this is going to be easy.  Mile 2 went well and mile 3 was ok, but the last 3.1 miles proved to be the toughest.  Obviously because I hadn’t really trained for a 10k and the farthest I had gone was about 4 miles prior to this run. I ended up finishing with a time of (1:15).  Again, not a great time but I had accomplished something I set out to do.  I went home after that race feeling the weakest I had felt mentally and physically in a long time.  I knew why I was physically weak but the mental part of it had me perplexed.  I later realized that it was the beating down mile by mile of the mental block I started the race with.

More Running Adventures in the next post……….


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