Vegan Journey Review Month 1


ImageSo I am now about a little over a full month into being on a strictly vegan diet and I have discovered a few interesting things.

1. It is easier than I ever thought it would be. I still get cravings for my sweets but not nearly as bad as I used to. I can walk past cookies and cakes and not eat them. I always ask what is in them and if there is egg, milk, butter, etc. I am able to say no thank you. Do not get me wrong there are worse things out there than egg, milk, butter but this process has made me really stop and think about the food I am eating rather than just eating it and thinking about it later if at all. I have read in other blogs this is something that happens but I really didn’t think about it until the other day when I was at the Farmers Market and there were these beautiful looking cakes and I wanted one so badly and asked the “what is in them question” Just because it had butter in it does not mean it was bad it just means it wasn’t the right choice for me and since I already indulged in the Vegan Opera cake from The Inn Season Cafe on Friday night I didn’t need another treat on Sunday….that was a long point. I will try to keep the others shorter

2. People do not and will not understand so its better to just keep it simple or not even discuss it at all. This is my choice and what I choose to do and that is all that really matters. I am researching and doing the best I can to ensure I am getting all of my required nutrients and taking supplements.  I do not force my kids to eat Vegan it is a choice for them and I buy them their milk and cheese and occasional turkey burger, etc. If they decide they want to go on a full vegan diet that will be a choice they make not one that is forced upon them.  Please do not tell me I have to eat meat that I am unhealthy. You do not hear me telling you that you are going to get sick from eating meat and dairy and eggs (which there are studies out there to back up this argument just as much as there is to back up your argument). We are all entitled to our own opinion and way of living. Let’s just live!

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE FOOD. I know I said this in a previous post but I really do LOVE FOOD. My spare time is spent reading recipes, shopping for knives, cutting boards, measuring cups, Vita-mix Blenders, juicers, basically all things kitchen, cooking, prepping. I love it. My mom would be so proud. As a kid she tried to push me in the kitchen and I fought her every step of the way. I hated cooking and my husband did the majority if not all of the cooking and when I did cook it was processed and came out of a box or bag or something similar. Now I love to see what I can come up with and create or duplicate from a restaurant or recipe. I can spend hours at the farmers markets looking at all the fresh produce and dreaming of new ways to make something. My trips to the grocery store involve the produce section and the Natural Health sections and that’s about it. It is almost a foreign concept for me to go to the meat department but I do for the occasional Turkey burger for my kids. 

4. The last and probably most shocking point is that I have given up coffee. Not really for any particular reason but I was trying to break the hold that it had on my life. I seriously would drink at least 4-6 cups of coffee a day filled with creamers and syrups and all the wonderful fluffy whip cream and it really was my addiction. There are absolutely worst addictions that I can have but I just didn’t want to be hooked on any one things. In this journey I have been trying to find a me that I can be happy with. After losing all the weight I thought I’d finally be free of whatever hold life had on me and was preventing me from just being. I know that sounds corny but I really just want to be. When I didn’t feel free after all of the running, and skydiving, and climbing and anything else that might make one feel free I set out on a journey to look inside to set myself free. Which started with yoga which then transitioned into a preservative free diet which turned into a vegan diet, etc. I am learning now that there is not one thing that will make you feel at peace and there are always going to be little struggles and little demons pulling at you. Ok….how did I get on that-Oh yeah! I basically just wanted to have a clearer mind with no strings attached while I take this journey and having coffee as my vice to wake me up and get me through the day just didn’t seem like the right thing for me anymore. I wanted to know what true energy felt like without the addition of sugar and caffeine. I will still enjoy a cup of coffee socially here and there but the habit has been totally kicked. I have also learned to enjoy a nice cup of tea now and now and also have found a new favorite at my beloved Starbucks. Its the Iced Green Tea Shaken with no added sweeteners.


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