My Vegan Adventure


2011 is the year I think will forever be called the Year of Me. I went on so many adventures (skydiving, running, rock climbing) but I was still constantly obsessing about my weight. Fearing every pound I gained and working so hard to maintain what I had accomplished. So this year I am starting a new adventure. After all the years obsessing about food and trying every fad diet there is  I started researching food and realized my diet was full of processed foods. This is when I embarked on my clean eating adventure which has led me to my vegan adventure.  I am very excited about this new adventure and honestly feel the best that I have ever felt. I have so much clarity especially when it comes to food. Being someone who has struggled with food and sweets for a good part of my life I now have a love for food and creating and forming a healthy relationship with it and appreciating its benefits and not using it as a drug and crutch to get through life.


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